Vanessa's Story

"I had been struggling to tackle chronic migraines since age 17 and figured SugarWise (now renamed 'Sugar Primer') was worth a try. O my goodness!! I am so glad I chose to participate. Right out of the gate, I adopted the new motto, "Lead with fat and protein". This helped me to satiate the needs of my body without filling it with less healthful options. I also learned to view food and eating objectively with less blame and judgement of myself when I ate something one might deem "bad". I was able to adopt other mottos along the way and continue to change my food mindset and in turn I had success in replacing sugar and fast carbs with more healthful options. By the end of the program, my headaches and migraines were reduced significantly. Not only do I have fewer headaches, but also I have more energy and feel so much better overall. Hooray for feeling better and being able to more fully live my life! A huge thanks to Step 1 Nutrition Team!" - Vanessa


How to Stop Sugar Addiction and Quit Sugar with a Low Sugar Diet

Rachel's Story

"As a healthcare professional, I joined this program in hopes to better balance my own diet and eating habits. I was looking for a program that would educate me on the what, why, and how of proper nutrition and weight management, because I knew this knowledge is what would allow me to better maintain this balance long-term. The guidance and accountability provided by The coaches Kayla and Esther were so helpful to better understanding nutrition and how to determine what my body really needs to thrive. My weekly meetings with Kayla were always informative, individualized, and motivational to stay on track. I really enjoyed this program and feel it has inspired me to consider and appreciate the food I put in my body. I look forward to future programs!" - Rachel